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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi everyone. I wanted to take a minute and let everyone know a little bit about myself. I'm Gail, The Glam Angel and I was born with a passion for creativity. I love to create cosmetics for women of all ages and race, helping each woman to bring out her inner beauty and help her build self confidence, if she needs it. I also love all things fashion and have many types of accessories in my Boutique to help complete your look.

I am a self-taught MUA as I believe you don't have to have a "certificate of completion" on a piece of paper to truly be artistic in makeup. If it's in you as a person and you have a true passion for it, then you can achieve it ! Creativity comes from within, it's an expression of you and how you feel. It's about bringing that "inner self" out. xoxo



Everyday Glam with Gail