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How To Apply Mineral Eyeshadow

To Apply: Glam Angel Mineral eyeshadows can be applied dry or foiled (applied with a wet brush) for a more dramatic look. NEVER dip a wet brush directly into any mineral makeup powder as this may introduce and promote bacterial growth. Apply your primer, if desired, then tap a bit of powder onto another surface (paper towel, plastic cup, lid, etc..) and dip the wet brush into that, then pat the minerals on your lids. Sweeping back & fourth will only waste product and not get the result as patting it on.

How To Apply GlamGlitter

Since all Glam Angel GlamGlitters are PURE glitter, NO pigment, you need to wear them with primer or glitter glue for eyes so they can adhere to your skin and prevent fallout. You can mix the GlamGlitters in with other Glam Angel mineral eyeshadows for extra sparkle, or layer them on top of GA mineral eyeshadows. They can also be used on top of lip gloss/stick for fun and flirty lips. GlamGlitter comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from as well as custom made colors. Collect all of them and experiment & have fun with Glam Angel GlamGlitters!


To apply: Apply primer to your lids and let it set for a few seconds as not to be to wet, then pour a little bit of glitter onto another surface (paper towel, plastic cup or lid, etc.) and dip the wet brush into that, but NEVER put the wet brush into the jar as this may introduce & promote bacterial growth, then take a brush or your finger, whichever you prefer and dab your brush into the glitter, then pat it on your eyelids. DO NOT sweep back & fourth but pat it on your lids. Layer as much or little as desired. Any fallout on the face can easily be removed by using a big fluffy makeup brush and gently sweeping it off.

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