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About Us

In 2012, I decided to start making my own cosmetics because I could never find the correct colors I needed nor could I find any for use right after surgery for facial cancer and felt I had to "settle" with whatever the stores sold, and most of the cosmetics out there would break me out so bad and make my skin so red and itchy, not good for after surgery.  So, it's taken over a year to get my formulas correct in making these mineral products ready for wear. So, once I had the formula correct, I started wearing the makeup I had made and women would stop me everywhere I went and would  tell me how beautiful  my makeup was. They especially  loved the way my eye makeup looked and the unique colors.  They asked  me where I bought my  makeup, what brand it was because they wanted to purchase some.  They also wanted to know who did my makeup.  I told them I do my own makeup and it's my brand because I  formulated and created it.  So, this was the beginning of  The Glam Angel Cosmetics, LLC. I wanted to create a makeup line that all women, regardless of race or age could wear and love. I wanted to be able to help women who have or had cancer like I did, or any other facial issue, to be able to wear makeup right after surgery to help make her feel better/beautiful during this time in her life.


Glam Angel minerals are 100% natural minerals from the Earth and very gentle on your skin making them ideal for women with sensitive skin like me.   With all of the unique and gorgeous  colors to choose from we're sure you'll find something you love, but if not then we can custom make colors for you. We add new colors  throughout each month. 


Glam Angel Cosmetics are finely milled by hand  in small batches for a silky smooth finish. All eyeshadows can be worn as eyeliner.


Glam Angel Cosmetics are unique, beautiful, bold, vibrant and highly pigmented colors that are  hypoallergenic, fade, crease, and naturally water resistant and won't slip off your face when your active. They will last all day long without clogging your pores. They are super silky, easily blendable and applies so smoothly on the skin.  To remove use mild soap and water or makeup remover cloths or baby wipes. 



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