MBMC (My Body My Choice) Charity Eyeshadow. Comes in a 4 stack jar. Half of all proceeds will be donated to Center for Reproductive Rights. ( reproductiverights.org ) We ALL should have a choice, it should NOT be made for us.


1. Bottom color on arm is a beautiful vivid shimmer pink with tiny sparks of gold.

2. Next color is a beautiful sky blue leaning teal color with shimmer throughout.

3. Next color is a more neutral color consisting of blushy beige, pinkish coral, aurora shimmer with tiny pink sparks throughout. This is the perfect go to color for any occasion.

4. The next color is more of a coral pink color with a tad of gold sparks and shimmer throuhout. 

All of these colors are made to go with each other or can be worn seperately. 

A primer is recommended for all loose minerals.



**More swatches coming tonight before 12 midnight of all skin tones. So Sorry for the delay.**

MBMC Charity Eyeshadow