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Aqua - is a gorgeous bright glitter with tons of sparkle. Gorgeous summer color for the beach. Wear over your favorite eye shadow or lipgloss for a pop of color and sparkly fun, or wear over light blue nail polish and look like a mermaid. 

INGREDIENTS: Glitter, pure glitter- NO PIGMENT

Aqua GlamGlitter

  • Since all Glam Angel GlamGlitters are PURE glitter, NO pigment, you need to wear them with primer or glitter glue for eyes so they can adhere to your skin and prevent fallout. You can MIX the GlamGlitters in with other Glam Angel mineral eyeshadows, lip gloss and blush/highlighters for extra sparkle, or layer them on TOP of GA mineral eyeshadows and lip gloss/stick for fun and flirty lips & eyes.

    GlamGlitter comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from as well as custom made colors. You can use these in your hair and on the body for body art with glitter glue. Add some in your lotion for some sparkle and shine. The uses are endless with GlamGlitters! Get one in every color and get your Glitter on!

    The Glam Angel recommends poking a hole or two with a tooth pick in the sealed sifter as this will help prevent spillage and messes with the glitters, or you can remove the seal and/or sifter all together. Always be very careful when applying glitter to the eye area as glitter can hurt your eyes if you do not use it correctly.

    During the holidays apply some of the same color on top of your nail polish to match your eyeshadow and lipstick/gloss for a put together look and have fun, fun, fun for the holidays! Collect all of them and experiment & have fun with Glam Angel GlamGlitters!

    To apply: Apply primer to your lids and let it set for a few seconds as not to be to wet, then pour a little bit of glitter onto another surface (paper towel, plastic cup or lid, etc.) and dip the wet brush into that, but NEVER put the wet brush into the jar as this may introduce & promote bacterial growth, then take a brush or your finger, whichever you prefer and dab your brush into the glitter, then pat it on your eyelids. DO NOT sweep back & fourth but pat it on your lids. Layer as much or little as desired. Any fallout on the face can easily be removed by using a big fluffy makeup brush and gently sweeping it off.

  • Glam Angel Cosmetics are free from Harsh Chemicals and Preservative free, meaning they DO NOT expire & are NEVER tested on animals. We test all of our products/ minerals on very willing humans in our lab.

    Every effort has been made to accurately depict our colors, please note that they may look different on your monitor. Please read the product description carefully to see any color subtleties/ variances. Your satisfaction is very important to me! Should you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me and I will do everything I can to make you happy.

    *** PLEASE NOTE*** All of Glam Angel Mineral Cosmetics are sold by weight, not volume, and may appear differently in the jars depending on the color &/or minerals as some minerals weigh differently than others, but rest assured you are receiving the correct amount of product. I usually overfill the jars just to make sure they have at minimum the amount listed in your purchase.

    All content on this page and my store profile pages, including pictures, educational and descriptive product text, formulas, etc are owned by The Glam Angel Cosmetics LLC, COPYRIGHT ©2012-2015 & may not be copied or published without written consent. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All of The Glam Angel cosmetics/products are marked with a "TM". I ask that you PLEASE ask permission before using any "TM" name, text, pictures or formula listed on, or, or any other site I have listed products on. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.




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